iTunes App Store promo codes arrive. Genius!

Jason at TechCrunch picked this one up via MacRumours:

Apple’s App Store has finally given developers the ability to release up to 50 promotional codes for their applications, allowing them distribute their apps to press and friends free of charge directly through the App Store.

This is going to be really, REALLY useful for developers. We’re often asked to test out Apple iPhone apps (and we’re delighted to be asked). Our policy is that we will generally pay for the app ourselves anyway — but promo codes make it all a bit easier.

Jason points out that there are a few teething issues — most notably that developers don’t quite have launch dates for their apps yet.

Excellent evolution. More please.

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4 replies on “iTunes App Store promo codes arrive. Genius!”

I'm excited to able to see this post as I am a Apple Iphone user and I'm also interested in developing some applications myself but it's really hard to redistribute it and that's why this promotion is very helpful.


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