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This evening, after doing our ShoZu campaign videos (the introductory ones), Dan and Ben arrived.

“I want to discuss the N97,” he says, as he arrives.

“Sure,” I say, looking at Ben who is already nodding his head.

Within minutes the chaps are sat down in front of the camera and we’re getting to heated banging of tables. I take to raising my hand in the air after we’ve recorded a minute – the first five takes are all excellent, until one of the two makes another interesting point that diverts conversation or fluffs a line, stutters and … CUT.

The summary? Dan is a fan. He’s excited. He thinks the S60 followers – the die-hard Nohhhhkeeeahh fans – will love. Frothing at the mouth style.

Ben, on the other hand, thinks that the failure to innovate (“Look at every other competing OS, upgrade, continuous improvement”) may well send Nokia’s smartphone marketshare into freefall.

Still many more months until the N97 hits our shelves. In fact, it might just be going through testing right now at the Nokia Test Lab we visited the other week. We will have the vid up shortly!

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We haven't even started to get into it properly. Slap some thoughts together and send us a blog link or jump in the comments. I think there's a gulf of opinion forming…

i think symbian is a great stable OS, however, the the caliber of the N97 I think it would have been better for Nokia to run all those featured on the Maemo (linux) OS with an UI hat’s equal or better than the UI from the iphone.

I think Nokia hinted on future flagship phone running on Maemo but why not now?

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