Samsung gets another 8megapixel camera phone


Those Korean electronics giants have now added a third massive megapixel monster to their range, seen in the Samsung S8300.

The new phone which comes along in the former of a slider is due out March, according to reports on daily mobile.

Their first outing the i8510, also known as INNOV8 in parts of the world, was the first ever shipping 8MP device in the UK.

The second phone was a full touch screen mobile, the Pixon also boasted to be the slimmest 8megapixel around. This measured up to being just 13.8mm thick and beat LG’s similar model by only 0.1mm.

Samsung’s S8300 knocks them all into touch, by coming in at paltry 12.8mm. No noise has really been made about this yet, although we’re expecting them too and loudly.

Other dazzling features of the model are its 2.8-inch AMOLED touchscreen, and support for HSDPA.

No word has been uttered yet if it’s Tri or Quad band, we’re assuming it’s the latter as the previous two incarnations were.

Nor has there been any word on WIFI or 3G either, but seeing as there’s mention of HSDPA we’re taking an educated guess here and assuming it’s onboard.

There’s mentioned of a duraluminum chassis, which is also good to hear due to its anti-scratch and anti-fingerprint abilities.

This leak must have thrown a large spanner into their surprise expected announcement at Mobile World Congress, seeing as nearly every possible angle has been photographed here and the news is now out.

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