Skyfire arrives in Blighty to a blaze of glory


Up and coming mobile phone web browser by Skyfire has just made its debut in the UK, lighting up the heavens along the way.

Said to have a PC-esque browsing experience, their newest web surfer enters its beta rollout stage over ‘ere. *cough* *about time* *cough*

Boasting decent flash comparability and faster than Opera like speeds, it comes along with support for Symbian and Windows Mobile.

All with most of the web page’s compression work done at their server end, it’s much like another mobile web browser in that respect.

They’ve already successfully rolled out their beta in the USA and Canada, with the UK version now having added customisation with the likes of the BBC and on the front page.

Just to highlight their commitment to these fair isles they’ve opened up a data centre, just to locally improve page loading times. This is something Opera has yet to do in this country, so bully for them.

We’ve also seen some footage of speed tests of late against that other browser with the results being very hot indeed. Dan also bumped into them at the Symbian Smart phone show this year; check them out on MIR Show – Week 43 – Skyfire Secrets.

Or try it at and let us know your thoughts on the matter.

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