MIR Developer’s Event is tonight

Everything is booked and sorted for tonight’s MIR Developer’s Event. Starting next Monday we’ll have interviews with each developer going live every day on the site. We’ll be filming them this evening during the event. And whilst it’s efficient to get the cream of the city’s mobile development companies in one room for filming purposes, I hope it will also represent a good opportunity for networking. And having a beer or two.

Speaking of which, I pre-ordered 40 beers. You never know. I know there’s only 15 folk due across the evening, but… we can’t be scrimping. They’ve got a fully stocked bar (and restaurant) so whatever the attendees choice of tipple, the chaps at the bar will be able to assist.

And although the event begins at 7.30pm, the One Alfred Place staff are bringing a selection of sausages, mini cheeseburgers and scampi things (and a few others) from 8pm.

A few have been asking about the choice of venue: One Alfred Place. Well, it’s just off Tottenham Court Road — from memory, about fourth right if you’re walking up from Tottenham Court tube station. We’ve got one of their ‘spaces’ for the evening — it’s called The Quiet Space — which will be nothing of the sort when we’re there. It’s a big yet intimate setting for a spot of networking, beers and on-camera interviews.

Here’s an overview of the venue from their YouTube channel:

Once again, copious thanks to DeviceAnywhere who’re helping support our Developer Events.

I’m just about to send out a reminder of details to all the attendees so standby to receive.

And standby for the video interviews next week!

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