MIR heads to Manchester’s Social Media Cafe

Ricky here!

Manchester has it’s own version of London’s Social Media Cafe aka Tuttle Club and on the Tuesday 3rd February 2009, meeting between 6pm to 9pm. I will be down there representing Mobile Industry Review, sadly James, Ewan, Ben and Dan will not be able to attend, however I am sure I will be able to keep the MIR flag flying.

What is the Social Media Cafe Manchester?

The Social Media Cafe, or Tuttle Club, is a place for people interested in social media to gather, get acquainted, and to plot, scheme, and share.. emphasis on open and interesting conversation!

Who should come?
If you’re interested in the future of media, how we organise, share, produce and enjoy it, then come along. If you’re an artist, film maker, geek, musician, designer, writer, photographer, web designer or developer or anything close or related, then come along. If you want to meet like minds, come along.

I of course will be be on the look out for anything mobile related to report back for Mobile Industry Review, however I am willing to chat and network with anyone (Contact Details at the end).

The format will be;

18:00 Doors open
18:30 Introductions
18:40 Sessions
19:20 Break
19:40 Informal sessions and networking
20:20 Break and networking

The sessions will be a choice of three sessions for more details head over to their site.

You will of course need to let the organisers you are going; all you need to do is sign up and put your name down here!

This promising to be a fantastic event, so I hope to see all you down there on February 3rd! 

If you want to connect with me;

Twitter: @rickyc88

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