StrawPoll: Ultimate Smartphone

Mobile World Congress is just around the corner with the expected usual plethora of delights, but if it is a monumental let down in terms of smartphones – how would you design the ultimate one.

Pundits have called 2008 the year of the Smartphone, for our pennies worth it wasn’t all that.

If we laid down a blank sheet of paper, to be put in front of key industry players and asked for the perfect smartest of the smart phones how would it be.

How would the OS choice play out, Symbian, Android or even Windows Mobile?

What would be your preference be in an office suite? Would you like one solely based in the cloud ?

Is storage size key for you? More than 16GB onboard? Does having a microSD slot mean anything at the end of the day?

Is a camera a necessity? Does a high megapixel count really matter? Do you need a named lens on the device?

Does HSDPA also matter? Or would a lesser max connection suffice?

Would a wide 16:9 format screen be preferable, to a fairly regular screen? Does having a touch screen work in your favour?

Down to the real crux of the smartphone, the keyboard. Would a full QWERTY beast be ideal, or could you make do with a virtual on screen monstrosity?

We think we’ve covered the majority of the key points here, in making up a smartphone. If there’s anything we’ve missed, please let us know.

Please pass on your comments on the above, with a view to your ultimate design.

You never know, we might have the ear of the people that really matter.

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