Another day, another Expansys leak


Once again, we revisit that preemptive of preemptive websites, the greatest leaker of leaks – Expansys, this time around it’s with Nokia’s forthcoming E75.

Those marvellous, marvellous people over the online mobile phone resellers just really seem to be a fountain of information rather than just a fount of late.

Only a few weeks back we brought to your attention images of the E75, now we or rather Expansys bring you the full details of the new fone from the finnish. The leak was originally picked up by The Boy Genius Report, so all credit where credit’s due.

Expansys once again opened up pre ordering on a handset, even before Nokia has once again confirmed the mobile even exists let alone made public the announcement themselves of its expected arrival.

The full details are aired over at the site here, with the likes of quad band connectivity, a full QWERTY keyboard and a 2.4-inch screen. It has an arrival date of March 13th at the princely sum of £389.99.

We’ve noticed on another page of the resellers website it has even marked down the phone will be with T-Mobile. Although, as per usual with this site, nothing has been made public of this deal with that operator but it looks like the phone will be free with them on a T-Mobile Combi 30 + Web N Walk package at £35 a month.

Just to put this all in line now, not only have they irked Samsung, Nokia, HTC but now the carrier T-Mobile too. Well done Expansys, keep this up and we’re sure the future won’t be as great and as jolly as others.

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