Exclusive: INQ not releasing the ‘INQ2’ at Mobile World Congress


At that very same ‘small (but select) gathering at INQ HQ last night, we were informed there will be no new INQ phone unveiled in Barcelona in a few weeks time.

INQ’s marketing director Jeff Taylor said in a semi private briefing to MIR there will be no product announcements at MWC. Where many of us traveled the several hundred miles to the event, for such an insider scoop – journalistic instinct FAIL.

We then raised the bar and posed another question in light of the recent news of INQ touting their phone(s) *cough* around to other networks. All with a view to improve the profile of the fledgling ‘3’ venture and expand their market dominance, by bringing INQies to the little people.

We have it on good authority, even from Jeff himself they have been traveling far and wide talking to other networks. We’re guessing by the amount of air miles discussed, INQ’s carbon footprint is so vast they’d have to replant the forest moon of Endor to balance things out.

Back to the most difficult of difficult questions raised – are INQ going to announce the INQ1 on another network, at Mobile World Congress?

Jeff’s reply was along the lines of he could not confirm or deny there will be any news of this nature, only there will be no product announcements in Barcelona.

Companies such as INQ will be there to make deals of this ilk,  for journalists their presence there falls into two camps, product or carrier news.

As there isn’t a new INQies (noun: a word describing any phones by INQ) being taken and shown off to all their splendor at the event, then it’s a network being announced to carry the phone.

We’ll bring you more news at the time, of that exact announcement.

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