MIR Developers: James Pycock of Fun Text

It’s time for another video from the MIR Developer Networking event. Next up is James Pycock, Business Development Director of Fun Text.

Fun Text are ALL about modified greetings messaging. They’ve been hard at it this year.

Having gone live with Sprint, T-Mobile and 3, Fun Text are also hitting the handsets directly so as well as sending a text message you can choose to ‘send a fun text’. It’s a fascinating viewpoint on what you can do with greetings.

I particularly liked this quote of James’:

There aren’t that many social reasons to send your own photo, whereas there’s a lot of social reasons to say ‘sorry’, ‘I love you’, ‘miss you’, ‘happy birthday’, ‘thank you’ and so on.

Yup. I buy that.

Here’s the video:

MIR Developers: James Pycock of Fun Text from Mobile Industry Review on Vimeo.

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