MobileWorldCongressWatch: Sony Ericsson launches W995 + new 12.1 camera phone – UPDATED

At the very first of many press conferences at Mobile World Congress ’09, Sony Ericsson launched their newest of the new handsets – the W995.

SE W995 is heralded in as a slider formatted phone, with an 8.1megapixel camera as 8MP is just so last year.

The Walkman phone comes with a 2.6-inch screen, stereo speakers and all the gloriousness of most of their walkman-esque type phones with almost no surprises.

We say almost no surprises, as they’ve also launched PlayNow Movies. A service which trumps the likes of Nokia’s Comes With Music, as it allows movies to be purchased and downloaded via the ‘puter. Hurrah!

The Sony Ericsson W955 is apparently optimised for video playback making it less of a Walkman and more of a Runmen.

Accompanying the phone and for the very first time, is their Media Go. This appears to be client and phone based software for the ease of playing, transferring and organising media on the phone. We’re not saying this is an iTunes clone, but it is coming off sounding a lot like one of those very items.

It even appears, at this stage, to have an encoder on board for converting the right video in whatever format for the handset. There’s even talk of automatically and correctly formatting this media, with almost no user interaction. Hurrah!

Just to add that little bit extra level of service and quality, they’ve bundled in the HPM-77 premium headphones. According to Sony Ericsson these make you “feel like you’re sitting in a recording studio listening to your favourite band live”. The proof however will be in the listening rather than taking anyone else’s word for that.

The W955 is capable of picture capture in an A3 format, from its 8.1megapixel camera without any compromising in quality or so we’ve been informed.

With the likes of WiFI, Quad band EDGE, 3G and aGPS with a bundled in 8GB Memory Stick it’s coming off looking like that best Walkman handset they’ve delivered. Although seeing as they do deliver one every few weeks it appears these days, it’s not really saying much.

Sony Ericsson also briefly utter rumblings at the event of the 3.5-inch screen codenamed ‘ Idou ‘, which is a 12.1 megapixel wonderment scheduled for released around the second half of this year. Marvellous!

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