ArrivedOK tells your friends/family when you… arrived OK

Ah hah. Another neat idea that came flying into my inbox this afternoon.

It’s called ArrivedOK.

The concept is that when you arrive at your destination (successfully) you usually turn on your mobile.

When you do this, ArrivedOK will automatically tell all your nominated friends/loved ones/Twitter/Blog/Facebook folk that you’ve arrived ok.

Peace of mind.

Especially for mum.

Here’s the overview from their release:

ArrivedOK lets air travelers automatically alert others about their arrival at their destinations. Schedule your flight at with the destination airport, expected arrival time, your recipient phone numbers or emails. ArrivedOK tracks your cell phone in the mobile network when you turn it on after the landing. Then it instantly sends ‘Arrived OK’ messages to the list of your recipients.

The unique feature of ArrivedOK is that it alerts about one’s personal arrival instead of flight status in general. “Unlike other flight services, which are based on general flight data from dispatcher centers, ArrivedOK relies on particular subscriber’s mobile phone status. It tracks one’s actual appearance in the destination airport, so one’s friends and family are 100 percent sure the person has landed okay” – says Andrey Deriabin, Director Business Development at Eyeline Communications.

Based on patent-pending technology, ArrivedOK works by detecting its subscriber’s mobile phone when it is registered in a local GSM network. ArrivedOK allows sending personalized arrival alerts to different groups of recipients, and enables subscribers to save on international roaming charges when traveling abroad.

“The service is designed to be both fun and useful,” says Andrey Deriabin. “Air travelers usually spend remarkable amount of money when texting or making phone calls in roaming just to let someone know they landed fine. With ArrivedOK those people who care about their expenses will be able to make them for less.”

ArrivedOK starts its public beta testing with 29 mobile networks in 10 selected countries. For more information visit

The cynics amongst us would say you can just do this with a text message… but I like the idea of automating it all!

By Ewan

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I think the idea is you have a new registration in the visited network, not that you have shifted around in your current network.

Oh for goodness sake, this is a frighteningly stupid and pointless application!! Yet another reason why in 20 years time we will all walk around like mutes; unable to communicate by verbal means or have any social skills. I utterly detest this direction that technology being used to take us. Great technology looking for an application regardless of whether it is needed or not.

How about next time you go away you call your mum to tell her you arrived. Use it as a chance to say hi. Or perhaps you don't want her to know just yet and would rather wait a little while so you can settle in and check out the resort so you have something to tell her. Rather than her (and the Government once they decide that they need to see the info too!!) call to say “ooh I see you've arrived then, so tell me what the weather is like” when you are still stood next to the baggage carousel looking for a missing bag with 3 kids running around screaming and a wife getting stroppy because you're answering your phone instead of calming the kids…..

And lets not even go there about privacy or even the idea of the boss using it to track where we are…

I dont like this idea either…. Hi mum, got here ok, weather is great, off to hotel now, love to dad….

That can be done while I'm waiting for my bags or sitting in a taxi on the way to my hotel.

Sorry, but I just dont see the point of this…

Can't wait to see the premium model: maybe an MMS that plays the national anthem of where you just landed?


Step 1) Come up with great idea, launch beta.

Step 2) …………………………..

Step 3) Make lots of money.


Step 1) Come up with great idea, launch beta.

Step 2) …………………………..

Step 3) Make lots of money.

I've tried the service 10 times. It is highly useful for keeping in touch with business associates and family while travelling. Entering trip details is really easy as you can simply import them from TripIT.

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