Enter to win Miss Great Britain via Flirtomatic

Mark Curtis, CEO of Flirtomatic dropped me a note to tell me all about their new sponsorship deal.

Attention please those at the back.

Yes, Flirtomatic ARE sponsoring Miss Great Britain 2009…

Please excuse me whilst I browse the Miss Great Britain 2008 gallery for an appropriate picture to illustrate this post.

Talk amongst yourselves.

Hi there Ewan – sorry i never rounded off that day for a drink – I was in the US. where they all seem to think that the iPhone is the only game in town. Hmm…

Thought you should know that we are sponsoring Miss GB 2009.

Just too good an opportunity to pass up really. Best of all for the first time ever, girls can enter via their phone, on Flirtomatic, and blokes can apply to be judges.

And of course anyone can flirt with the contestants. We’ll be marketing it to all our existing users, and making it the theme for banner ads on operator portals too.

The final is on May 12th at the Cafe de Paris in London.

Let me know if you have any questions (not how can I be a judge on the night – too many people scrapping over that one already…)


What a really good pairing? Flirtomatic and Miss Great Britain! Excellent!

By Ewan

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