“MIR should go camping” – what do you think?

Regular reader, Mike Stead, reckons Mobile Industry Review should ‘get out a bit more‘.

I took exception to this statement on the basis that we’ve reported from six different countries in the last 3 months. But what Mike meant was we should get OUT more. Out into the fresh (read: cold, rainy) air. In the countryside.

Here’s his full statement:

We love Mobile Industry Review. The team are great guys, and their videos are the gems of an otherwise staid and boring industry. However we do think that they should get out more. Way out. In the countryside. Back to nature. Mobiles are at their best when out and about, and come into their own when a PC is not an option. So instead of jetting off somewhere exotic, incurring a massive CO2 footprint, let’s see the lads down home in the West Country somewhere, under canvas, kicking back but using their mobiles to have fun in the outdoors.

And he’s setup a Facebook group. Dear Gods…

You can take a look and decide whether or not to join here.

I made the commitment that we will go camping if 500+ people join Mike’s group. We’ll film the whole experience and make a MIR TV show from it.

I think that, right now, this 500+ number is a safe bet. Maybe 10 or so people will join, right?

I reckon James Whatley will be up for it. He’s generally up for doing ‘stuff’ like this and he’s also been to that festival. What’s it called? The mud-infested one that’s much, much better when you can switch it off (i.e. watch on TV)? Glastonbury, that’s it.

I reckon Ben Smith might exhibit some good old fashioned plucky ‘come on Tim’ positiveness and will probably, at a push — and provided there’s electricity — be up for it.

Meanwhile Dan Lane and I share an affinity for warmth and comfort. My own perspective is that we (the Royal ‘We’) came out of the cave. We discovered fire. We evolved beyond our original programming. We got warm. We got comfort. I like to celebrate that, in a quiet way, each night.

I also happen to believe that I — and everyone else reading this text — is particularly lucky to have the ability to sleep more or less soundly in a warm environment every night. Millions do not. There’s a teeny bit of me that reacts negatively to going camping as a recreational thing to do when lots of people don’t even have a home to get back to. But then, looking at my 5 or 6 mobile contracts … they are highly, highly unnecessary in the context of daily life.

That said, the prospect of spending a sleepless night in some godawful field in the middle of the West Country of England with ‘wildlife’ crawling over me is not, on any level, appealing. I know some people enjoy that sort of thing though. Each to their own.

Mike’s had one chap, Justin Davies, join his Facebook campaign today. I joined as well, so I could write some outrageous things on the group’s discussion board.

So if you’d like to see us getting cold, soaked-through and generally really, really annoyed trying to ‘enjoy’ a night or so ‘camping’ in the West of England — and making a MIR TV show out of it — vote with your feet and join Mike’s group.

We are always responsive to our audience.


And Mike, if no one joins, we’ll stick to the Four Seasons or the Ritz Carlton… 😉

By Ewan

Ewan is Founder and Editor of Mobile Industry Review. He writes about a wide variety of industry issues and is usually active on Twitter most days. You can read more about him or reach him with these details.

35 replies on ““MIR should go camping” – what do you think?”

Man up.

A few woodlice in your bedtime cocoa will put some hairs on your chest.

You'll be joining the Camping and Caravanning Club soon.

Hang on…… MIR Caravanning Show would be as cool as mackerels on toast.

Top Gear has been camping. I've seen MIR described the Top Gear of tech news — what you waiting for?

Absolutely you should go for it. After all it would be a great piece of user insight. I'd even be willing to come along too and assist (OK mainly I want to be able to have a ring side seat and laugh). Honestly you city softies have no idea – the countryside is really a very nice place… camping can be a lot of fun.

If you're going to do it you need to do it properly though. No electricity, no running water, no camping gas… canvas only. And you give the card keys to a third party who doesn't give them back for 48 hours. I also think you need to combine it with a bit of walking (a nice 15 mile gentle stroll between camp sites?).

If you don't want to go far you could have a nice stroll along the South Downs Way… There's quite a few mobile apps you could test too.

Its not wanting to see you uncomfortable, it would be be fun. I'm sure it would be funny too though… It could be very educational too.

It's all about picking the right site, pitch and weather. And the right gear. There's no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing or shelter. You can be very toasty dry in sub-zero windchill and rain/sleet, if you have the correct kit.

This said, if you do turn up with a cotton summer sleeping bag and a plastic sheet, I may raise a dry smile or two.

Plus part of me really, really wants to see the 'Who gets to light the fire / cut things up” conversations.

Er… “You city softies” ..?

I hope you're not including me in that lot are you? I mean, you *are* talking to the guy that's blogged the Glastonbury Festival from his Nokia N95 two years running…


I'm *well* up for this, I reckon it'll be a laugh..

Just say when folks – I am in like Errol Flynn.


i say yes, you should do it. but you should make the camping trip coincide with a festival. i know Dan would LOVE Party in the Park, i hear the Saturday Girls are headlining.

Dear God.. I think camping should be avoided at all costs. I couldn't think of anything worse! (Well obviously I could!) but still. I just can't fathom why anyone would find it enjoyable! You need to get the podcasts back to how they were.. Normob spotting, round up of the news, competitions, bloopers. Job Done.

This sounds like an excelent plan and I can offer the camping venue for free! I own a lovely field in North Devon which is set up for hardy boy scout types. Comes complete with composting 'long drop' shitter and hot water courtesy of a basic but effective stream water heating system.

No excuses now, 78 members and counting…..

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