MIR TV goes to Rome – Part Two

Today it’s time for MIR in Rome, Part Two. In this episode we have a look at the iPhone language assistance applications (How do you ask ‘Where is the toilet in a foreign country?’) and we put Nokia and Google Maps head to head to help us locate the Spanish Steps. Which app do you think worked? 😉

Here’s the video:

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Ben didn't use nokia maps properly! You don't need to go into places etc.

After loading nokia maps just type what you want into the search box. I tried it myself by typing Spanish Steps and it quickly came back with Spanish Steps: Scalinata Della Trinita Dei Monti ITA

Try it 🙂

Hmmm – The search is shockingly slow compared to the lightning fast Google Maps. BUT – I'd rather have Nokia Maps give me turn by turn voice navigation than arsing about with google maps arrow and dots..

I'd say if Ben, Dan and yourself can't figure it out, Nokia is doing *something* very wrong.

Like me taking two years to discover the Red button on Nokias. Two Years!

Ewan, please locate the “deinterlace” setting in your video editor. I love the videos, but the interlacing burns my eyes out! AAAAHHHHHH!

Buggy iMovie 2009.
The specs: 16GB ram quad core top of the range from the Apple Store. With
bucketloads of diskspace. That latest vid from Rome was 481mb exported. HD
video is about 40gb per hour — so with 14 hours alone from Mobile World
Congress, together with the array of exports, that basically wrote off a
1TB. It's got a coupla hundred gig left.

2009/3/18 Disqus <>

Nokia Maps has *ONE* redeaming feature – the map data can be on “side loaded” onto a card in the phone (at home before you go), so you only need to pay for the tiny AGPS conversations (which are a couple of K (i think), which should be affordable dispite the best efforts of the various operators roaming charges), so that you do not need to go and stand in a field for 5 minutes so the phone can find the GPS satalites.

From what i saw in the video, the offline search works faster than the online one for Nokai maps.

Suggestion for an alternative “Normob” style test;
– Google maps on an iPhone but also include signing into a free WiFi point (ie click agree etc), as signing into WiFi on S60 is painful at best
– Offline Nokia maps with the country data all loaded up.

You guys are using Maps 2.0 in the video. Maps 3.0 is much improved and faster. Mainly browsing the maps is a lot faster.

You guys are using Maps 2.0 in the video. Maps 3.0 is much improved and faster. Mainly browsing the maps is a lot faster.

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