Watch the layabout UK Mobile Industry recline at Mo Mo London


Top marks to Mauricio Reyes who was at Mobile Monday London last night. He’s snapped an hour’s worth of footage of ultra mega boring proportions.

Is this what the Mobile Monday London team have got to work with?

Goodness me.

They’re all reclining. All sat back relaxing. When they’re spoken to by the moderator they deign to sit forward.

Most of the time they’re sat leaning back in commanding postures deigning to give us know-nothings the time of day.

Perhaps it’s the chairs that are at fault.

Perhaps it’s the people sitting in them.

Goodness me, this is the cream of the UK’s mobile industry?

Lucky I wasn’t there. I’d have been screaming from the back within the first two minutes. If they let me in, that is.

I find myself taking exception to almost every single sentence made. Particularly when David Wood of Symbian ‘2.0’ talks about listening to customers and collaborating.

If you’d like to watch the whole thing you can do so below thanks to Mauricio’s recording. There’s a bit of excitement toward the end, I’m told. Dominic Travers was there last night and has mailed me over a perspective that I’ll publish shortly.

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