The Chiswickian Mobile Media Mixer is tonight!

I’ve just moved to Chiswick.

I wasn’t keen.

At all.

My viewpoint of anyone who says they ‘live in London’ and then dispenses a ‘W4’ postcode, is withering.

London is Mayfair, Marylebone, Soho, the Square Mile. Roughly anywhere inside the London Underground Zone 1 counts. But Chiswick? Come on. It’s even got a silent ‘w’ (it’s pronounced ‘Chizz-ick’).

My wife persuaded me.

In fact whilst I was abroad she emailed me the Foxtons profile of the new house with a “this is the one I’ve bought” note attached to it.

I flicked through the photos and was pleasantly impressed. Still, it’s Chiswick.

So I flew into London’s Heathrow Airport a few weeks ago and hopped in a taxi to the new house that I’d never actually seen.

There are families with babies and professional folk everywhere. Surprisingly, the Range Rovers (well, one of them, anyway) fit right in. I think we might need a Mobile Industry Review branded Mini Cooper though.

I began admitting to people that I’d moved to Chiswick. Every time I did so, I’d briefly long for Montagu Square in Marylebone. I remember telling Rimma from the Mobile Entertainment Forum (“MEF”).

“Oh, part of the Chiswick Massive now are you?” she asked, before explaining that it’s a super place to live. Ok.

Then I talked with Nick Ris of MX Telecom. He was over from Australia for a conference and proceeded to bash my ears against the wall about how good an area Chiswick was. Not least because the MX Telecom HQ is just off Chiswick High Road.

Then Rimma from MEF introduced me to Patrick Parodi who was elected the Chairman of the Mobile Entertainment Forum back in 2004.

Turns out that Patrick runs CMMM. That stands for the Chiswickian Mobile Media Mixer.

Cover me in butter and call me Shirley!

There’s a mobile community in Chiswick! And quite a sizeable one. Scrolling down the guest list, I see o2, Disney, Vodafone,, mBlox, Orange and so on. I recognise names!

Goodness me.

So Chiswick isn’t so bad.

And tonight is my first Chiswickian Mobile Media Mixer.

If you’d like to come along, you should let Patrick or his colleague Susan know. Just so they can control numbers. I won’t publish their emails though, as they’ll be picked up by the spammers in no-time. There isn’t a website for CMMM, so if you’d like to come along, perhaps drop me an email (I’ve got super-crazy spam controls) and I’ll forward your note to Patrick and Susan.

Here’s the overview from Patrick:

– – – – –

Time for another CMMM – Chiswickian Mobile Media Mixer… an informal Mobile Media executive gathering for people who live or work in Chiswick (or who know someone who lives or works in Chiswick…)

No presentations, no sales pitches, no press, no name badges… just the opportunity to relax and exchange ideas with your Chsiwickian neighbours and peers.

Tuesday July 21st (tonight!)

7:00pm – 9:00pm

Sam’s Brasserie

Barley Mow (next to the post office)

Chiswick, United Kingdom

Please let Susan or I know if you can make it and if you know of anyone else we should include to this growing list of Chiswickian Mobile Media Executives!

– – – – –

So if you live in Chiswick, London — or if you live nearby and you work in/around mobile, you should come along.

See you there!

By Ewan

Ewan is Founder and Editor of Mobile Industry Review. He writes about a wide variety of industry issues and is usually active on Twitter most days. You can read more about him or reach him with these details.

8 replies on “The Chiswickian Mobile Media Mixer is tonight!”

I love how you assume nobody knows how to pronounce Chiswick.

Who'd have thought someone would have persuaded you to move to 'Shitsville'.

Much love,
Ilana, Zone 1.

Your wife is a smart lady Ewan!

You'll love Chiswick… Especially now they have a Waitrose. It's almost enough to bring me back from Sydney!


Your wife is a smart lady Ewan!

You'll love Chiswick… Especially now they have a Waitrose. It's almost enough to bring me back from Sydney!


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