SocialCord mobile payment platform is going places

Watch this one like a hawk; I’ve seen it demonstrated and it’s utter, utter genius.  This kind of concept has been around for a while in the UK and Europe but it’s been poorly delivered and the market hasn’t been mature enough for it.

Quite simply you’re presented with a screen to type in your mobile number prior to accessing some content/joining a club/activating a subscription.  Type in your number and you’re sent a text message. Confirm your approval and the agreed amount is removed from your mobile operator credit account (or charged to your bill).  Done. Simple. Genius.  There’s an API ‘n everything.  😉

Easy, easy mobile payments… VentureBeat has more.

Let the monetization begin: SocialCord has created a platform for musicians, writers and brands to build a “freemium” model delivered over Twitter or mobile phones. For example, bands wrestling with how to make a living from their music can send links to songs or videos of live performances to their most devoted fans first for a monthly charge. (“Freemium” is the business model of giving away basics for free while charging for special or advanced content.)

via SocialCord creates payment platform for Twitter; now what will people pay for? | VentureBeat.

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