Giffgaff is the UK’s newest MVNO

I’m excited to hear about the launch of Giffgaff — the UK’s newest mobile virtual network operator (working with o2).

I’m meeting some of the team later today so I’ll tell you what I think then. Meantime, check out their intro…

Hello. We’re a brand new people-powered mobile network. We’ll be fully up and running before Christmas, but in the meantime, a little about us. We love to keep things simple. We don’t provide mobile phones, just the SIM card that goes in it. And the way we’re run is different.

Our members get involved in lots of ways, that’s what we mean by “people-powered”. The more they put in, the more they get back. Involving our members helps us to keep our costs low and allows us to pass the savings back to them. Give and take, that’s what we’re about. The giver-taker-talker-maker. Quite like that.

… and their website:

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Just as well they are an online-only outfit…being based in Slough…maybe with a satellite office in the West End for when people actually want to meet them?

<ring ring>

GiffGaff: Hello?

Potential partner: We are really excited about what you are doing, and want to meet up to discuss stratgey and synergies

GiffGaff: OK, how about you bowl on out to our global HQ in Slough – you know, where The Office was set!

Potential partner: er….um….what was that? Sorry gotta take a call. Bye! <click>

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