Hello to the 560 users of Comes With Music in Switzerland

Yes, that’s right, there are 560 users of Nokia’s Comes With Music service in Switzerland.

I know there’s only 7.5m people in Switzerland, but that sounds like a very, very small amount of Nokia Comes With Music users.

Just how well is the Comes With Music service doing across the planet?

Music Ally, the digital music analysis site, reports today that there are 107,000 users of Comes With Music. Globally.


Not good.

Not good at all.

Let’s have a look at the UK.

32,728 users of Comes With Music.


I reckon that there are more users joining Spotify per day, than there are British users of Comes With Music.

I wonder how Nokia are quantifying ‘users’. Are these the people who activated their Comes With Music vouchers? Or who ‘downloaded’ a track in the last 30 days? Who knows?

All I know is I expected the figure to be a lot higher.

Globally that must make Comes With Music the planet’s 9,987th most popular digital music service.

The actual figures reported by Music Ally:

UK – 32,728 (launch date: Oct 08)
Singapore – 19,318 (Feb 09)
Australia – 23,003 (Mar 09)
Brazil – 10,809 (Apr 09)
Sweden – 1,101 (Apr 09)
Italy – 691 (Apr 09)
Mexico – 16,344 (May 09)
Germany – 2,673 (May 09)
Switzerland – 560 (Jun 09)

Maybe there’s been a shocking growth spurt over the past few months.

Maybe the new X6 device will turn this around.

Music Ally has managed to find a glimmer of hope:

The figures don’t look good for Nokia, considering the investment it has made in Comes With Music. However, check the comparison between Brazil and Italy, or Mexico and Germany. There is evidence that CWM is doing better in emerging markets than in developed Western countries where there is more competition.

I think that’s a very polite analysis.

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