What’s the best backpack a geek can buy?

Who makes the world’s best backpacks (or rucksack as we call them in the UK) for (mobile) geeks? I’m looking for a recommendation.

You know, something that’ll carry a laptop, maybe even charge it via a solar panel, lots of pockets for phones and iPhones… integrated headphone loop or something like that?

What’s the absolute pinnacle?

Any ideas?

By Ewan

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The Northface Surge: Mine got me around the world with Lucozade and it rocks.

It has a dedicated padded laptop section and a gazillion pockets. I swear by it, as does Christian Payne – aka @documentally – who recommended it to me.

I'l second the Northface recommendation – as a daily driver, I carry a Crumpler messenger bag, but my travel backpack is a Northface something or other that I bought a few years ago, and it's been through a ton of shit and still keeps going.

I carry an Oakley Kitchen Sink but it was quite hard to get hold of and I don't recommend anyone else gets one because I've never seen another one at any events and I don't want to 😉

Seriously though, I can put every portable gadget I own in there, along with a couple of laptops and chargers and it still looks empty!. Nifty padded section with sneaky side-zip for laptops, top-loading section for glasses, mp3 players etc and a back section for smaller gubbins. It also has a reversible inner section that's accessible from the bottom that's great for traveling as it lets you keep clothes separate from gadgets while still sharing the same space… also good for separating clean and dirty clothes.

But you should just buy a crumpler 😉

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