Senior industry executive comments on our ‘Vodafone 360 Pissing War’

I got this in from one of North America’s most senior mobile industry executives. I obviously won’t identify the chap, except to say I’m looking forward to meeting up with him and his team prior to Mobile World Congress.

The traffic to Mobile Industry Review on Vodafone 360 has been nothing short of stratospheric over the past few weeks. I think I’ve had about three comments from people criticising our coverage. The other half million have, it appears, been thoroughly enjoying it.

Not so at Vodafone, if our senior industry insider is anywhere near accurate with his perspective.

Have a read what he mailed over today:

Ewan, I hear you’re in a quite a pissing war with Vodafone right now over 360. Don’t know if you heard this yet or not, but apparently, Vodafone is blocking receipt of MIR as well as blocking anyone sending email to you from a VF account.


How on earth does the needle ever move if people take that kind of attitude?

Well I’m afraid I don’t have any information on that — aside from the fact that the always polite, well respected David Marutiak of Vodafone was at the most excellent Heroes of the Mobile Screen event last week. I didn’t have a pass to get in the door for the evening event and the security guards were beginning to growl at me. I was saved by the than life figure of David strolling over and explaining, “He’s with us!”

The growling from the guards stopped immediately. 😀

I thanked David and I got in the door and we had a good chat. Nobody grabbed David and taped up his mouth so I imagine all is ok.

I do find it fascinating that the international marketplace is bubbling away with Vodafone 360 gossip such as the quote above though.

To be clear, I’m not in a pissing war with Vodafone 360. I’m utterly dismayed by their initial offering but I’m hopeful they’ll improve. At least it’s generally OTA (“over the air”) so it can be updated easily. I’m concerned, though, by the continual reports I hear of infighting, politicking and senior executives with no clue or little interest.

There are some really, really smart folk at the company. I really must look at 360 and try and highlight some nice things.

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