Navmii: Mobile navigation for Nigeria? There’s an app for that!

If you find yourself driving around Nigeria, you’ll probably want some pretty good mobile navigation software. If you’re sporting an iPhone 3G or 3GS, then Navmii could be for you.

It’s made by Telecgsm and Geolife specifically for the Nigerian marketplace. It’s pretty good looking and it’s got all the features you’ve come to expect from mobile navigation software. And if you only have an iPod Touch, you can get hold of a PosiMotion GPS device from the Navmii chaps that’ll ensure you can still use the service.

Navmii doesn’t need a cellular or data signal — all the map data is stored in the app. That’s very useful indeed when you’re miles from a GSM cell.

The Nigerian Navmii version costs a pretty serious $89.99 on the iTunes App Store. But if you’d like navigation on your iPhone for Nigeria… I think it’s probably a price worth paying. There’s also a UK/Ireland version too priced at £19.99.

Everything you need is at

(Of course if you’re a Nokia customer, as per their recent announcement, you’ll get all this for free for Nigeria plus a ton of other countries. Just see Ovi Maps 3.0.)

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