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Got this in from a reader today. Can you help?

I have a Blackberry through Orange on a personal contract. My employer has set up a Blackberry Enterprise Server and given me instructions how to connect by activating the Blackberry Enterprise Service on my phone (just my email and a password).

This did not work so I asked my employer and they said I needed the service activating which will cost me around £15 / month.

I phoned Orange and they said I need a business account with over 10 phones for that.

I get the feeling I am asking for one thing and they think I mean another. Any advice?

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I'm a relative BB newby (see…) but the issue here is that to use any Blackberry service (BES or BIS) you need your SIM enabled to utilise your operator's relevant Blackberry service… a standard 'unlimited data' tariff isn't sufficient. It's also normal – as I understand it – for operators to charge more for BES than BIS and enable them through different tariffs.

The a high additional monthly charge (as your employer said) sounds about right (it's always cost an unreasonable amount more than standard data tariffs as far as I can make out and it looks like Orange charge even more than £15 – see the link below), but Orange's response does also sound like they only offer BES service on certain business accounts. Perhaps one of their savvy people will answer here to confirm…

Looks like someone else is also having your problem:… and

I assume you've seen this (…) which isn't a great deal of help, but might be another starting point.

Not an answer, but hope it points you in the right direction…

If your employer allows (and they probably wont) either IMAP or POP3 access to your email, you can get your corporate mail through the Orange BIS Service (

I've done this successfully a few times in a few companies but it will depend on your employers security policy – the fact that they'll let you connect a personal device to the company server is a good sign though!

How will I know if my work email account has IMAP or POP3 access? I can access email through OWA but have not bee able to set it up in my WinMo through Exchange. I haven't bought a personal bberry as I think I won't be able to get my work email. I currently use SEVEN in my personal WinMo to read my work email.

BIS & BES are on different APN's (Access point names) on the Orange network. It could be that your existing BIS APN settings wont allow your handset to connect to another Blackberry email service. Try ringing customer service tech support and telling them this. Can't promise it'll work as France Telecom group technical do some over complicated and weird shit, but maybe worth a go…

Where are the DNS records? Unfortunately, I get the idea that my IT guys think we're a bunch of morons and always ignore those questions ;-(

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