Ideaworks: 1-click porting to iPhone, Android, Symbian, WinMo, Brew & Maemo

Have you come across Ideaworks?


Definitely take a look. Last October they launched a PC version of their cross-platform mobile application software development kit. Essentially this enabled developers to use the Ideaworks SDK to build an application that, with just a single click, will work on:

– iPhone
– Android
– Symbian
– Windows Mobile
– Brew
– Maemo
– iPad (coming soon)

And whilst the Airplay SDK has been met with joy from many developers, there’s been an issue. It’s the ‘Apple’ issue — a lot of developers like to use Apple as their primary development platform. This is especially true if you’re an iPhone developer (which, of course, so many people are, nowadays).

Well, Ideaworks listened and Ideaworks delivered. They’ve just launched Airplay SDK for Mac.

The next issue… how much does it cost? Well, it’s actually good news. Have a read of this:

Mac/iPhone developers with annual revenues of less than $100,000 can use Airplay SDK 4.1 for iPhone development absolutely free, or deploy across all supported platforms at a cost of $99 per seat per year. Those with revenues between $100,000 and $2m pay $999 per seat per year, and receive an increased level of support. For organizations earning over $2m annually, details are available on request.

That sounds fair enough to me. $1k to port to design and port to every major platform? Nice. For the majority of developers, that will work very nicely. And for the biggies, they can afford to fork out a bit more.

Interested? Developers can register and download a full free evaluation of Airplay SDK 4.1 on Mac (Beta) by visiting Get stuck in!

I’m hopefully going to try and get Ideaworks on camera at Mobile World Congress with more information shortly.

By Ewan

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