Got an Android handset? You need ThickButtons!

Got news in today from ThickButtons. They’re introducing their all new method of text input on Android phones. Whilst there’s been a lot of attention going to Swype’s rather jazzy text-input facility, I think you should take a look at ThickButtons. Quite simply, it looks at what you’re typing and makes the probably next letters much larger than normal.

So, for example, if you’re typing the word ‘next’, you press ‘n’ and then all of a sudden, ‘e’ is displayed bigger, along with other letters that you’re probably going to want to use. Here’s a screenshot:

Letter enlarging makes the typing process a lot easier and means you don’t have to take extra special care with your typing. Let’s face it, typing on Android isn’t a glorious experience. I think ThickButtons could go a long way to making it a lot more comfortable.

The current version, 0.6, is free and available to download from the Android Market or at I’m pleased to see that they’re also working on versions for other platforms too.

The ThickButtons team produced this rather swish video demonstrating the technology in use:

I think it’s definitely worth a download. Let me know how you get on?

By Ewan

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One reply on “Got an Android handset? You need ThickButtons!”

Without trying it I can say straight away this would slow me down. Without knowing *clearly* what rules expand and collapse the buttons it makes the keyboard layout unpredictable, and thus slower.

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