Webinar worth your attention: BBC, mBlox, MX Telecom, Telefonica, Voda, Accenture

The Mobile Entertainment Forum has been delivering a series of illuminating webinars based around the ‘enablement’ of services. The third webinar is today and I strongly recommend participating if you’re into service enablement (e.g. sender pays, credit management and similar).

Here’s the agenda:

Following on from our two successful MEF Enablers webinars, our speakers will explore new business models (Sender Pays, Crediting) and highlight how specific enablers can be used to create an enhanced consumer experience and generate value from both the content community and network perspective.

MNO senior executives will review enablers being launched and discuss how content players can create compelling end-user products and gain meaningful data to improve offerings to consumers.

An overview of the MEF Member Guide to Enabling Services will be provided. The Guide, produced in association with Ovum, will deliver vital use cases and in depth quantitative and qualitative industry data. To participate in this authoritative Framework for Networking Enabling Services please visit the MEF website for details on the content submission process.

Today’s event features some excellent people who should be good value.

– Mark Kortekaas, BBC
– Andrew Bud, mBlox
– David Sheridan, MX Telecom
– James Parton, Telefónica O2
– Ray De Silva, Vodafone
– Christian Rouffaert, Accenture
– Suhail Bhat, MEF

(Hello to Andrew from mBlox and David from MX, by the way!)

It all kicks off today at 3pm London time. Here are the times around the planet:

Doha 6:00pm / London 3:00pm / Los Angeles 8:00am / Sao Paulo 12:00pm / Singapore 11:00pm

Registration is free – register here:

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