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Pibbix Voicemail: Your business critical voice transcription service

Pibbix Voicemail is here.

You probably haven’t heard of them before, but you’re going to start hearing a lot more about them shortly. They’re a small telephony-focused startup that I’ve been following for quite some time.

Their first product is Pibbix Voicemail. At first glance, it’s a terrifically simple system. It’s what’s coming next that’s going to change the world.

If you were previously a SpinVox user, you’ll know what to expect right-way. But it’s not free. Pibbix aren’t after the jonny-freebie category. Indeed if you want a better voicemail system, but you’re not willing to pay, simply move on. Don’t ready any further.

Pibbix are building a solid, business-focused service that you can rely on. Here are the main service features:

* Voice to text conversion: ‘Business-grade’ transcription – the best quality human-assisted voice-to-text conversion available in the UK.
* SMS and E-mail Notifications: Messages can be delivered by SMS and e-mail. E-mails include the original audio recording.
* Online management: View, read, listen-to and manage your voicemails and account through our web interface.
* Common-sense controls: Choose whether calls from withheld numbers should be converted to text and prevent salespeople from using your message allowance.
* Predictable billing: Pay per voicemail, not per SMS – longer messages don’t cost more.
* A number to use anywhere: Get a direct-dial number for your voicemail to divert any telephone to or use online to minimise interruptions
* Secure and reliable: Encrypted web access as used by online banks. Pibbix operates simultaneously from 2 UK data centres and voicemails are backed-up daily.
* Great support: A dedicated support team and online support system tailored for the most demanding users.

I’ve been up and running with it for 2 days and it’s performing very well indeed. Transcription is brilliant.

Here’s the fee structure:

* £7.50 for 20 messages converted to text
* £16 for 50 messages converted to text
* £30 for 100 messages converted to text

I opted for the 30 quid one. I get a lot of messages!

Pibbix Voicemail is in closed beta at the moment, but if you’d like an invite code, head over to the site and register now. Or, drop me a note ( as I should have some invite codes shortly.

I’ve made a screencast demonstrating the system in use. Here’s the Youtube:

And if you’d like to watch at full resolution, see the screencast here.


  1. <<what that guy said. After 2 days, IMHO it rocks. Accuracy on par or better than Spinvox at its best.

    I think the only limits will be your+their imagination as to how to incorporate it into your existing business IT system.

    Integration with Google Apps, playing the MP3 from the desktop, is genius.



  2. this is exactly what i'm after. I was a former spinvox user now using hullomail I have really missed the text transcription. It allowed to me to, quickly, check my messages at times when it is innapropriate to use phone

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