Skip the queue: Pibbix Voicemail Transcription invite codes

I’ve got 5 shiny Pibbix Voicemail invite codes to give away. If you’d like one, drop me a note pronto: and I’ll send you one.

The code helps you skip the sign-up queue as they’re strictly limiting access during their beta period. If you’re looking for a SpinVox replacement that’s actually a trillion times better (the transcription quality is simply fantastic) then Pibbix Voicemail is probably for you.

It’s UK-only at the moment, although I hear they’re looking at other markets soon.

Here’s what you get:

* Voice to text conversion: ‘Business-grade’ transcription – the best quality human-assisted voice-to-text conversion available in the UK.
* SMS and E-mail Notifications: Messages can be delivered by SMS and e-mail. E-mails include the original audio recording.
* Online management: View, read, listen-to and manage your voicemails and account through our web interface.
* Common-sense controls: Choose whether calls from withheld numbers should be converted to text and prevent salespeople from using your message allowance.
* Predictable billing: Pay per voicemail, not per SMS – longer messages don’t cost more.
* A number to use anywhere: Get a direct-dial number for your voicemail to divert any telephone to or use online to minimise interruptions
* Secure and reliable: Encrypted web access as used by online banks. Pibbix operates simultaneously from 2 UK data centres and voicemails are backed-up daily.
* Great support: A dedicated support team and online support system tailored for the most demanding users.

It’s not free, though. When you see the quality you’ll understand that they can’t deliver it free.

You can currently pick from the following service plans:

* £7.50 for 20 messages converted to text
* £16 for 50 messages converted to text
* £30 for 100 messages converted to text

If you’d like to see the service in action, check out my screencast on this post.

By Ewan

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