Jobs: BlackBerry Developer needed at Touchnote

Touchnote are a company that consistently impress all of us at Mobile Industry Review Towers. The cards they produce are a major talking point among my wife’s friends — and my gran/mum love them. They’re a simple and effective way to let someone know you care. Touchnote have got a kick-arse product and are already live on iPhone and S60. With their Android app coming out shortly, it looks like they are going to be hitting the big league.

Now it’s time for them to move to BlackBerry. The BlackBerry is the elephant in the room when it comes to mobile development. They are *everywhere*. BlackBerrys are more popular than the iPhone and they’re a hell of a lot more affordable. With BBM consistently popular with teenagers, it looks like RIM is raising a generation of CrackBerry addicts.

So, where are the BlackBerry devs who want to hook up with this rising star?

Where is the developer who can seal the mobile commerce deal?

Where is the developer who can make amazing things happen on BlackBerry?

If you reckon you can build a ground breaking mobile app for BlackBerry, fire off your CV to terence [@]

Tell ’em Ewan sent you.

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Perhaps a different tag from Jobs would be better? First thing that popped into mind was of a porn obsessed CEO

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