Hands-on with the super new Nokia N8

Yesterday I popped along to an event on London’s Piccadilly to receive an introduction to the all new super-star Nokia N8. The device itself is ‘pre-production’. The hardware’s probably not going to change all that much but the software is still being worked on right now. So do keep this in mind. I’m going to write more about the phone shortly but meantime, here’s an overview (featuring the voice of Rafe Blandford from All About Symbian).

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By Ewan

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2 replies on “Hands-on with the super new Nokia N8”

Here's an old niggle for you – Did anyone at Nokia explain exactly why they were showing you a pre-production handset and software? Surely this is classic Nokia – why don't they just get the job done properly and show us all the real thing, Apple style? I am already bored of the N8. I don't know anything about it or care about it, if I can't get one! As for developing for it… well if Nokia can't develop the software quickly and efficiently how do they expect anyone else to?

That's a fair point Julian… although I imagine we wouldn't have been able to see the device for another few weeks. Do Apple actually demonstrate their devices 'as is'? I think the iPhone 4 launch featured a device that was pre-production. Otherwise we should have been able to buy them on the same day as the launch?

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