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Taking a look at the FLO TV personal TV device

You’ll no doubt have been seeing the various posts I’ve been publishing about Qualcomm’s FLO TV device recently. The FLO TV team here in San Diego have given a trial unit to each of the journalists visiting the Uplinq event taking place this week.

So I’ve taken the opportunity to try out the unit and see how it works. Alas it’s currently only available in the US (for approximately $199 up-front and then $4.99-$14.99/month).

If you’re into sports, movies, news or you simply can’t be without your American Dad fix, this device may well be for you (check-out the full channel line up). Current users of the system have been knocking back 2-hours+ per day of usage on average. Very impressive. After taking a look though, you really can see why.

Here’s my exploration of the device — a cross between an unboxing and a review — see what you think:

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