HTC Legend/My Tracks monitoring Tour de France riders

Team HTC-Columbia are currently whizzing through Stage 6 of the Tour de France bicycle race and right now, one of the riders, Maxime Monfort (age 27) is traveling at 36km/h and is delivering 241 Watts of power on top of a 102bpm heart rate.

How do I know this? Well his HTC Legend phone is using SRM and a modified version of the Android application, My Tracks, to deliver this information to the Google My Tracks Tour tracking portal in almost real time. Very neat indeed.

If you’re a racing fan, I think you’ll really enjoy watching the telemetry. And if you’re a serious cyclist like Adam from messaging firm, Esendex, and you’re an Android user, then you’ll probably want to get hold of My Tracks.

There’s more information on what they’re doing on

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