HulloMail update their iPhone app

The chaps over at HulloMail (kind sponsors of the Future of Voicemail video series here on MIR) have released the next version of their iPhone application. I got a sneak peak when I popped into the HulloMail offices a few weeks ago and they’ve done some nice refinement.

Here are the latest updates:

– NEW! HulloMail is bringing your address book to life. The HulloMail logo next to a contact means they also use HulloMail and you can send Hullos directly to their phone. But don’t worry you don’t have to be a HulloMail user to receive a Hullo. Where you see the envelope icon, you have their email address and can send a Hullo to them that way
– We’ve now made recording and managing your personal greeting easier as it can all be done on your iPhone
– You can now decide whether you want to be notified of missed calls or not. You can switch this alert on or off via the app Settings menu
– To minimise costs when you travel you can choose to be notified by SMS rather than Push (UK users only)
– We’ve changed the way the app looks to go with our new style, hope you like it

Remember if you’ve got an iPhone from Orange, Vodafone, Three or T-Mobile, you wont’t have visual voicemail facilities as that’s only been implemented by o2. Instead, tap the voicemail button on your brand new iPhone and you’ll be expected to… wait for it… yes, call your voicemail box. Ridiculous. That’s why a ton of non-o2 iPhone users have turned to HulloMail. The service is free and you can get the app on the iTunes store (iTunes link) and they have apps available for BlackBerry and Android too.

By Ewan

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4 replies on “HulloMail update their iPhone app”

So if you buy your iPhone in the UK from O2 you get this “visual voicemail” but buy the same phone from anyone else and this feature is disabled. How? What? Why? Oh man this is confusing! What if you buy an unlocked one from Apple and stick an Orange sim in it, will that give you this “visual voicemail”? I thought all iPhones came with this function regardless of who you brought it from! If I buy my Ford Mondeo TDCi from one dealer I sure as hell expect it to do all the same things as an equivalent specification one brought by my neighbour from another dealer!

Got it in one, Gareth. Only o2 in the UK supports Apple visual voicemail. Everyone else on other operators have to call up the voicemail systems! Hence the popularity of HulloMail for those chaps.

Well all I can say then is “Go HulloMail!”. Oh and please please please roll it out for Finland! 😉

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