“iPhone 4 in stock today”: Depressing & Exciting

Ah dear me. I am both elated and saddened by the fact that walking through the City of London today, Vodafone stores I’m passing are filled with small, but determined queues of people buying iPhones. This is weeks after the actual launch day. I popped into one store and had a chat with one of the sales guys. “We just cannot sell enough of them,” he told me. So this is broadly good news for the industry. But goodness me, you have to ask yourself — if you’re Samsung, Nokia, Motorola, HTC… What *are* you doing wrong? Why can’t you generate this response from normal mobile customers. (I snapped the picture above outside the Liverpool Street Station Vodafone branch)

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I got one on the day for the other half without too much hassle @ Caphone Warehouse just around the corner from that Voda store. Then yesterday, after having seen the beauty up close and personal, I ordered one SIM free from Apple online. I still have to wait *three weeks* for the damned thing though. They really are such beautiful devices.

Ewan, Ewan,,,,such a UK perspective 🙂

2 points:

1: Huge queues for a new Nokia handset in Indonesia (check the video):

2. Please – show me the stats where iPhone is outselling and/or has a larger market share than Nokia smartphones (other than the US which is in it's own little universe). We're currently onto Apple's FOURTH attempt at a mobile handset, and STILL we're seeing Nokia smartphones vastly outselling iPhones in spite of all the iPhone apps, queues for iPhones, pro-iPhone and anti-Nokia media coverage and so on. Doesn't this tell you something?

Sorry to be mildly smug, but it's hard not to be 🙂

Yes of course Nokia/Symbian aren't as good in some respects as they could be, sure. But then flip side of the coin is I'd like to see an open iPhone app store, and open platform iOS rather than one under Nazi-levels of dictatorship and an iPhone 4 that could be simultaneously held in the hand and make phone/data calls without dropping signal. We don't live in a perfect world.

35% sales increase for Nokia smartphones in the last year. Doesn't seem too bad to me!

I'm not sure you will. Strikes me as a bit hare and tortoise. Nokia will still win, just not through having queues outside stores. The N8 and following handsets will certainly help reinvigorate the brand, and the tide will start to turn on developers. Incidentally, iPhone market share is now shrinking in the US, it's traditional heartland – shocking! Have we seen it peak?!

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