The LadyGeek TV App Show – Episode 2 and my involvement

I haven’t been able to announce my involvement in the LadyGeek TV App Show in public until today. I am — officially — Strategic Advisor — to the show. And goodness me, it’s brilliant. If I do say so myself. Have you seen the production values? The presenters are sheer genius.

I posted the first episode already but I think it’s time to show off the second and third shows.

If you haven’t picked up on it from the title, the LadyGeek TV App Show is aimed at women and intended to help navigate through the hundreds of thousands of smartphone apps and present the very best. So whilst it’s perhaps not necessarily your cup of tea (at the last survey, I think MIR readers skewed heavily in the male category), it is a very, very useful consumer-side barometer.

Of course if you’d like your app (or your client’s app featured), do drop me a note. As you might imagine we’re on a strict production schedule but there is definitely room. Especially in the App of The Week section at the end of the show. This series is supported by Nokia — we are looking for additional support for series 2 and 3. If you’d like to discuss, drop me a note (

Some URLs for you: — the main site — the RSS feed — follow us on Twitter — get us on Facebook — and obviously, the Youtube channel

Right, here’s Episode 2

Episode 3 follows in the next post…

By Ewan

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