Have you got a spare desk in Marlow?

The current Mobile Industry Review office is always, always very warm. This is because it contains no less than three Mac Pro towers and four 28.5″ monitors. They do a good job of keeping things warm which is superb in the winter and thoroughly annoying in the summer.

The logistical issue is this: Our existing office service company has, it appears, gone out of business. They were renting the building and sub-letting to MIR. There is substantial handwringing going on at the moment whilst the owner of the building and the managing agent work out precisely what to do.

So we’re in a bit of a pickle.

Theoretically we can stay here and wait for the situation to be worked through, but I’m concerned that this will mean all sorts of arsing around switching internet connections off, waiting 20 days for BT to sort out a new connection and so on.

Therefore I wondered if anyone knew of any companies with a spare set of desks in Marlow, Buckinghamshire? If you do, perhaps you might introduce them to us. I say ‘spare set of desks’ because these monitors and the rest of the equipment I need doesn’t really fit on one standard sized desk.

What else do I need?

– 24-hour access to the office – seriously, sometimes I’m working ’til 2am
– Some kind of parking, although that’s negotiable
– Super-super-super-fast internet

Any suggestions?

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