MEF invites you to their Mobile Content & Commerce event in Miami

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Picture the scene across Europe come 30th of November 2010. Rain will be coming down intermittently in sheets. It’ll be dark until 9am for a few hours before the pitch black descends once more. You won’t be able to go anywhere without an umbrella and a decent coat. Most of the UK goes into seasonal-depressed-mode by mid-October.

But I’ve got a cure for you in the form of the Mobile Entertainment Forum’s Mobile Content & Commerce event. It’s being held in Miami (at the Fontainbleau Miami Beach Hotel) and it takes place from November 30th until December 1st.

It is the definitive event for the mobile media industries across North and Latin America. However if you’re from Europe, I reckon you might get a lot of value out of it too (and not just in terms of more Vitamin D). You can always count on MEF events to offer phenomenally good networking opportunities. This upcoming event is sponsored by Dada, Dolb, Impact Mobile, mBlox, Mobile, Neomboile, OpenMarket (we love you OpenMarket) and WAU Movil.

The subject of the event — as you might have guessed — is mobile content crossed with mobile commerce. The event will address the industry’s key business opportunities and concerns, enabling content owners, developers, brands, retailers, commerce providers and related stakeholders to better leverage the native functionality of the mobile device to drive customer acquisition, retention and conversion.

All things being equal, I will be there with the camera too.

All the details you need are at Get in quick and it’s only $299 for a ticket (provided you’re a MEF member — $399 if you’re not).

And if you’ve got something to say on the topic, get in quick and see if you can present or be on one of the panels — full details here.

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