Apple’s 10 billionth download? Paper Glider from UK developer, Neon Play!

The eagerly awaited winners of the 10 billionth download from iTunes App Store are finally revealed. Gail Davis from Orpington was the lucky downloader of “Paper Glider”, developed by Neon Play – a start-up UK developer.

Gail Davis of Orpington in Kent was browsing for apps over the weekend, when she stumbled upon “Paper Glider” – an amusing game where you throw a paper glider aiming for longer distance and avoiding deathly obstacles such as the ceiling, the fan and the floor. Ultimately the hand-made aircraft should fly out the window therefore giving you a high distance score. Besides being able to virtually launch a paper glider on her iPhone, Gail was bewildered to discover that she is actually the lucky winner to make the 10 billionth download from iTunes. She received $10 000 of iTunes vouchers, try and spend that!

At the time of the announcement the Neon Play crew were passionately following the countdown in their office in Cirencester. Let’s hear from Neon Play CEO, Oli Christie:

“We’ve been eagerly discussing the 10 billion app countdown in our game studio, so when I got a call from Apple Cupertino saying they had some “good news”, I thought they might tell us they were featuring one of our apps on the App Store.”

“So when they said that Neon Play’s Paper Glider was the 10 billionth app, I was completely and utterly dumbstruck. It’s a great piece of news for the whole Neon Play team. Paper Glider was already the number one app in the UK, so this is a double piece of great news for our studio.”

Paper Glider is Neon Play’s sixth app and follows hot on the heels of number one selling app Flick Football, as well as Talking Baby, Golf Putt Pro and Hotshot Pool. If you want to know more about Neon Play, download the “Little Book of Neon Play” iPhone app.

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