Dominos UK: We made a million quid from our iPhone app

Matt Brian over at The Next Web has published news that Dominos UK, the pizza delivery company, has made a whopping £1 million in revenue from it’s iPhone app in the last three months. Coincidentally, Pizza Hut made the same amount (in dollars) from their iPhone app back in 2009, in the same time period.

I’m not surprised at Dominos’ success. Indeed, ordering pizza is one of those tasks that you just want *done*. I never enjoy the ordering process if I have to phone them. Despite them often automatically recognising my number, so I don’t have to give my address, I can’t stand the total inefficiency. Chances are, if you’re ordering Pizza, it’s the same one. Or the order is more or less the same as last time. I just want that done.

I don’t want to have a conversation.

I don’t want to give my life story.

I don’t want to have my call answered and then put on hold.

And I don’t really want to have to go to my computer to order it. But I’ll do that, rather than have to speak to some muffled, stressed guy asking me questions in a really loud annoying environment. And getting my order wrong.

Therefore, the click-click or tap-tap experience on mobile is hugely, hugely appealing.

Even better if you remember my card details so I don’t have to think at all.

I know a lot of businesses who could really benefit from this kind of get-it-done approach.

Good news for Dominos though. A million quid from their iPhone app sounds good. Of course, putting this in context, they made £128m in the UK last year. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the mobile medium start to deliver more and more revenue as people get comfortable with the (still rather magical) concept of ordering food via mobile.

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