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HP Slate 500: Yup, looks like I was right, it’s pretty limited

A little while ago, a small band of HP / Windows fanatics were less than impressed by my assertion that the HP Slate 500 looked to be pretty poor (Read: “HP’s Slate 500 looks an absolute nightmare“). I cited the ridiculous (yet highly professional) marketing video that demonstrated multi-touch display working really badly when displaying an X-ray.

In the video there’s a shot showing a doctor trying to zoom in with his fingers — and the device is a few moments behind his touch.

The hardcore fans in the comments pointed out that this is because of the size of X-ray images.

Yes. But. Well… The Technobuffalo team had a hands-on yesterday at CES and did their best to avoid vomiting profusely at the ‘less than desirable responsiveness of the touchscreen‘ and ‘sluggish operating system.’

So it’s not just about really big X-ray images slowing it down then.

Sean finishes his piece with this sentence:

I can certainly say I won’t be going anywhere near this device.

Not really the kind of reaction you want from the likes of the Technobuffalo team.

Sean also suggests you watch their hands-on video and decide for yourself.

Here’s the video:

Me? Well I’ve still not actually tried the Slate, but looking from a far, I’m particularly disappointed. Perhaps things will change when it’s in front of me.

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