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£150k’s worth of free choice architecture consultancy for Vodafone

Jonathan MacDonald is at it again. Make sure you’ve got a cup of coffee for this one.

He’s laid bare the fascinating reality of ‘choice’ (or as he refers to the practice, ‘choice architecutre’) in the context of the SMS messages he routinely receives from Vodafone.

He’s not picking on them per se — indeed, as per the title, he’s actually ended up delivering a heck of a lot of free consultancy to them on his site.

The high level summary? You need to think very, very carefully about every single message you send to your customers, especially in today’s ‘sovereign individual society’. If Vodafone sends me three different texts across three weeks, sent from totally different divisions, I — as the end consumer — will interpret that as one ‘message’. I’d like to see a lot more thought put into them as a result.

Take your cup of coffee and have a read of Jonathan’s experiences, logic and perspective.

Goodness knows what he’d make of the average post here on Mobile Industry Review.

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