Google’s reaction to Nokia & Microsoft: “Turkeys”

Google’s Vice President of Engineering, Vic Gundotra is not at all impressed with news that Nokia and Microsoft are aiming to work together. Not at all.

Vic published this tweet with the hash-tag #feb11:

Screen shot 2011 02 09 at 12 27 51

So, Nokia’s definitely not doing business with Google Android in the short term then, eh? 😉

Depending on the configuration of the strategic announcements coming on Friday, Google should be a little/reasonably/highly concerned.

Meanwhile Vic also reports that tickets for the upcoming Google I/O event sold out within 59 minutes.

By Ewan

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10 replies on “Google’s reaction to Nokia & Microsoft: “Turkeys””

Yeah, with the verizon iPhone, Nokia & WP7, and Oracle suits, I think Android is a lot less attractive all of a sudden

Google has nothing to be worried about, except for the fact that they don’t have an ecosystem – simply an OS that OEMs are fracturing into tiny pieces built for specific devices with a 6-8 month shelf life. If Nokia & MS can at least ensure a single ecosystem between the hardware and software, then it won’t matter how much Android there is out there because it won’t actually look/feel the same between one device and the next.

Has he really been waiting five years to use that line since Anssi Vanjoki first said it?

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