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BlueVia and Microsoft bring SDK to .NET, Silverlight & Visual Studio


BlueVia, Telefonica’s global developer platform has taken yet another step forward today. They’ve partnered with Microsoft to integrate BlueVia’s SDK directly into the Microsoft .NET Framework, Silverlight and Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. Over 6 million folk develop with these Microsoft tools so now network integration for almost any application is just a click-away.

This is very good news for BlueVia and it also enhances Microsoft’s developer offering. With the BlueVia SDK, it’ll be a piece of cake to put SMS, user context or mobile advertising elements into all sorts of applications (not just mobile).

Of course, given that Microsoft’s Windows Phone developer tools all run through the same platform, integrating BlueVia into your Windows Phone app just became even simpler.

Here’s the post from BlueVia’s blog:

Today we are delighted to announce a groundbreaking partnership with Microsoft to create the BlueVia SDK for .NET. We recognises the need to drive awareness and adoption of the BlueVia platform, and from today, this partnership with Microsoft puts BlueVia in front of Microsoft’s 6 million developers.

The BlueVia SDK for .NET is a set of drag and drop controls and templates for Microsoft’s Visual Studio, making BlueVia powered app development super simple for any.NET developer who wants to build applications for Windows Phone 7, Windows, Internet Explorer or Xbox. The BlueVia SDK for .NET also enables real-time, programmable voice and data communications that can connect applications to social-networking capabilities. Core to this concept will be the creation of controls that tap into Windows Live Services for key functionality, including user identity, network presence and contacts.

As well as collaboration at a technical level to create the BlueVia SDK for .NET, the partnership will see joint developer outreach between Microsoft and BlueVia. One of these developers is Medianet, who were excited to announce integration of the BlueVia.NET APIs within their TAXISTOP application to ensure non-smart devices can take part in the TAXISTOP transport revolution: Gideon Clifton, CEO, Medianet said: “Developers have been waiting for an opportunity to integrate network operator services within our apps in a robust and seamless way for over a decade. Third party solutions have never delivered due to the historic lack of understanding by operators of the Developer opportunity. Telefonica and Microsoft have corrected this and we are excited to integrate their tools to deliver our TAXISTOP application to millions of feature phone passengers who would not have been able to access TAXISTOP had it not been for the BlueVia SDK for .NET.”

And for anyone hunting for the BlueVia .NET SDK? You can find that here.

Here’s BlueVia’s top man, Jose Valles, giving us the overview in a tightly packaged one minute, 22 seconds:

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The BlueVia SDK for .NET also enables real-time, programmable voice and data communications that can connect applications to social-networking capabilities.

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