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James Parton introduces BlueVia from Telefonica

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In the first of our new video series, we meet James Parton, Head of Marketing for Telefonica’s developer programme, BlueVia.

I asked James to introduce BlueVia to us and to highlight it’s key offerings for developers.

If you are working in mobile development, you should be intimately aware of what you can do with BlueVia. The team there have basically put an API in front of the Telefonica global network — which offers some phenomenal opportunities, in terms of user experience, market access and developer revenue potential. Their services are live and usable for 80 million Telefonica subscribers right now.

I will be going into a lot more detail with BlueVia, particularly on the revenue side, in the coming posts — but in the meantime, please do get a cup of coffee and watch this introduction from James.

For more information on BlueVia, Telefonica’s developer programme, please visit Everything you need to get started with BlueVia is right there on the site including all the API documentation — however if you’d like an introduction to James and the team there, just drop me a note. I’m

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