Jose Valles introduces BlueVia… this time in Spanish!

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Right then time for Jose Valles, top man at BlueVia, to feature again. This time there’s a bit of a change to the normal interview style though. I just changed one tiny aspect.

The language!

I asked Jose if he could introduce BlueVia entirely in Spanish.

My Spanish is limited to basic two and three letter words — therefore I briefed Jose not to expect any questions whatsoever from me — and to just give us a continual stream.

Aaaaaand I think that’s what he’s done. I heard various key phrases in amongst the Spanish so I think it’s all good. If you’re a native Spanish speaker or if Spanish is one of your languages, could you let me know what you think? 😉

Thanks Jose!

And for MIR’s Spanish readers, here’s a wee explanation courtesy of the Google Translate engine:

Estoy utilizando la herramienta de Google Translate para escribir este texto. Por favor, perdona el mal español. Este video muestra a José Valles de BlueVia nos da una visión general de la empresa.

For more information on BlueVia, Telefonica’s developer programme, please visit

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