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Right then! It’s time to publish the video interviews from last week’s simply brilliant Unlimited Drinks networking event in London.

We took the camera equipment along to the event to capture a few people for posterity. The concept was simple — stand in front of the camera and tell us about yourself. Briefly. Of course at least half the people at the event ‘weren’t public’ (i.e. they weren’t authorised to speak on camera / stealth mode and so on) so I grabbed as many as I could — in as polite a manner as I could — and the first one to say yes was Dominic Travers, Product Owner at Brighton-based mobile extrodonnaires, Future Platforms.

Unlimited Drinks was kindly supported by Qualcomm — thank you very much to all at the company for their help. You can find out more about Qualcomm’s support for Unlimited Drinks at this post from last week.

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