o2 launches Guru TV to provide video help for customers

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Good news. I’m pleased to see o2 has jumped on to Youtube to establish a help channel for their customers. It’s called Guru TV and it boasts a whole host of instructional videos featuring topics like, ‘how to setup WiFi on a BlackBerry’ and ‘How to change wallpaper on a Sony’.

Some of the videos have already attracted thousands of views. No wonder. They’ll be super-helpful for many o2 (and non-o2) customers.

Here’s the announcement from o2:

O2 today unveiled a new You Tube channel, O2 Guru TV, offering free support and advice to help customers get the most of their mobile technology. O2 Guru TV aims to help make mobile technology accessible to everyone regardless of their level of technical expertise.

It follows last year’s launch of the in-store Guru service, which currently employs 150 Gurus in O2 stores throughout the country, and is due to expand to over 350 by the end of this year. The O2 Gurus are not only knowledgeable about mobile technology; they are also passionate about helping people and trained to explain things in simple, everyday terms.

O2 Guru TV is completely free to access and open to everyone – not just O2 customers. There are currently over 400 videos available on the channel, covering a range of the most common queries related to popular devices. It also offers helpful hints and tips on how to get the most from your device, from common iPhone problems such as how to use your iPhone as a mouse set up your iPhone Bluetooth to more universal tips such as or how to get live traffic information on your phone.

Whether demonstrating how to do something as basic as sending a text on a BlackBerry or something more complex such as transferring contacts from one phone to another, the O2 Guru TV videos feature clear, step-by-step instructions . An important principle of the O2 Gurus is that they are intended purely to help, not to sell, and the same is true for O2 Guru TV. The videos are not designed to promote any particular product or O2 service, so users can experience free, impartial support and advice for their technology.

Sally Cowdry, Marketing Director, O2 said; “O2 Gurus are our most passionate and knowledge experts and can translate complex gadgets into something that everyone can easily understand. We know how much customers value our in store Gurus and with the launch of O2 Guru TV we’re making it even easier for anyone to get technical help and advice from O2.”

With over 50 videos being added every month, O2 Guru TV is one of the fastest growing channels of its kind on YouTube.

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