Regular users of mobile internet love their operator more!

An interesting one in this morning from On Device Research. They’ve completed an international survey, conducted entirely via mobile internet, that has established frequent mobile internet users appear far more satisfied with their operator, compared to those who use the mobile internet now-and-again.

Alistair Hill, the managing director of On Device Research, reckons this trend is down to customers becoming more satisfied with their connected experience:

“As mobile media becomes more important to consumers daily lives, mobile operators are gaining more satisfied customers. Great services such as social networking and mobile games help operators to increase customer loyalty and handset manufacturers to differentiate themselves.”

I can understand that — especially when considering an international audience. Here are some of the report’s fascinating highlights:

– Operator satisfaction increases 22% for daily mobile internet users compared to occasional browsers in the UK, +10% in India, +26% in Kenya.
– Mobile social networkers’ operator satisfaction increases 10% in the UK compared to those who do not use the service, 14% in India, 10% in Kenya.
– In Kenya mobile games have huge influence on which mobile phone to purchase. 89% of mobile media users in Kenya consider the quality of games they can play on their device when choosing a new phone.

Here’s Alistair’s slideshare:

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