BlueVia’s API now reaches 150 million subscribers

BlueVia, Telefonica’s developer arm, now reaches a whopping 150 million subscribers across 7 countries — or, to put this in context — you can now reach over half of Telefonica’s 290 million customers. News like this really does demonstrate the power and flexibility of the BlueVia API. In one swoop, they’ve enabled their service for Germany and Spain — so if you’ve already written your app for, say, Argentina or the UK, it’ll now work in those two countries as well. Genius.

There’s some more news about location, however I’m going to write about that in a separate post.

For now I’d like to leave you with this table of feature availability and a reminder that I filmed a whole series of introductory videos on BlueVia (find them here) that are well worth a watch.

Here’s the feature availability:

BlueVia feature availability

For more information, head over to and get stuck into the API.

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